Oreo and cherry cheesecake

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Daniel’s cheesecake recipe is VERY overdue and with another birthday dinner looming(tomorrow evening), the pressure is mounting to get my act together and get this recipe posted!

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This cheesecake was ‘invented’ for Daniel after he had given me  a list of ingredients that he would like for his birthday dinner. The rest was left to me. This dessert followed the main course of kangaroo pies  (which have since  become a family favourite). https://debskitchenblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/daniels-kangaroo-and-pale-ale-pies/


This is a very easy dessert to make and the great thing about it is that it can be made a day or two ahead and then voila!

An impressive and easy dessert for your guests to enjoy.



2 packets of Oreo biscuits

125 g melted butter

1 cup of whipped cream

2 tablespoons lemon juice

2 tsps. of grated lemon rind

3 teaspoons of gelatine, dissolved in 1/4 cup boiling water

3/4 cup caster sugar

500g cream cheese, softened

5 tablespoons Cointreau or similar liqueur

200 g cherries (I used frozen)

1 Jar of Morello pitted cherries (for top of dessert)

1 tablespoon cornflour

1 tablespoon caster sugar

2 tablespoons Cointreau

3 tablespoons of grated dark chocolate


  1. Line base and sides of 22cm springform pan with greaseproof paper.
  2. Process Oreo biscuits in a food processor until finely crushed.
  3. Combine biscuit crumbs with melted butter and then press into the base of lined springform pan.
  4. Place in the fridge whilst making filling.
  5. Place cherries in a bowl and add liqueur to marinade.
  6. Beat cream cheese and caster sugar together with an electric mixer until smooth.
  7. Beat in the gelatine mixture, lemon rind and lemon juice.
  8. Fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture.
  9. Place 1/2 the cream cheese mixture on the biscuit base in springform pan.
  10. Place the marinaded cherries on top of the cream cheese mixture in pan.
  11. Place remaining cream cheese mixture on top of cherries.
  12. Drain jar of Morello cherries and reserve 3/4 cup of juice.
  13. Combine the cornflour and caster sugar with the cherry juice, place in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Stir continuously.
  14. Stir Cointreau into thickened syrup and allow to cool.
  15. Spread cherry syrup topping over the cheesecake.
  16. Cover cheesecake with cling film and place in the fridge for several hours of overnight.
  17. Before serving, carefully remove cheesecake from springform pan.
  18. Add Morello cherries on top of cheesecake and sprinkle with grated chocolate.
  19.  Serve with cream.

Enjoy xx

A truly winter birthday menu is on the way for tomorrow night and will be perfect for these cold wintery nights 🙂




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