Blisssful Bali

This post is dedicated to HOPE, our beautiful angel.

Jen, Dan and  James x x x 😚😚😚😚



Once a year or twice a year we travel over to Bali for a holiday. It is almost a hop and a skip from Perth, in the same timezone, taking only 3 1/2hrs flying compared to 4 or 5 hrs from say Melbourne  or Sydney.  It’s a place for us to leave the city and Oz behind for a spell – time out. Unlike many holiday makers we don’t  touch base in Kuta or Legian but head straight up to Udud which is 1  1/2hrs drive from Denpasar airport. Ubud is (still) regarded  as a key cultural  centre in Bali, where the artists, carvers, silversmiths etc hail from. It has also become  very trendy over the last few years as place to do yoga retreats, organic detoxs, hippy holidays etc. Its a place to veg out, pamper oneself and be in a place surrounded by beautiful  tropical rainforest  and generally very kind spiritual  people – if that floats your boat!


Our holiday  also includes indulging in the delicious  balinese food with it’s intoxicating FRESH spices. Literally straight from the garden to the kitchen to the tummy!  Ginger, ginger flower, tumeric, galangal, garlic, bay leaf, vanilla, lemongrass, chillies, curry leaf, limes, lemons, coconuts, nutmeg, peppercorn, coriander, shallots and pandan leaf etc.


One of my favourite days on our holiday is taking part in a Balinese cooking class, preparing the food and then sharing these heavenly dishes with like minded people is a fantastic  way to spend a day.

Today’s  post does not have any recipes, these will follow in a few weeks after I have experimented on our family and friends!!

It’s  hard not to zone out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, gentle people, and mouthwatering  food.


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